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Muis Akoestiek.

Acoustics is still something which is not always taken into consideration when constructing or renovating buildings, houses and historical buildings. Which is surprising, because good acoustics play an important role in people's experience of work and living spaces. The popularity of hardwood and natural stone floors, as well as the wide use of glass in windows and doors, do not help the spacial acoustics and have increased the need for (invisible) acoustic solutions.

Key concepts for Muis Acoustics are:

Acoustics. No reverberations, no whispering and never again having to ask, "What did you say?".
Seamless finishing of your ceiling or wall.
Personalized advice. Anything is possible. Try us!

Our applications.


BASWAphon ClassicThe Classic can be used universally on both flat and curved lower surfaces. BASWAphon has a very fine surface structure through a 2-layer plaster finish. read more

BASWAphon FineBASWaphon Fine can be used quickly and...

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